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I was a grateful client of Holly's for 8 years of Pilates and yoga. Initially referred to her for strengthening my back, her private lessons turned into something I relied upon for my sanity. She is a talented and patient coach and teacher. She saw me through the stresses of life, weight loss & weight gain, a couple bad break-ups and eventually a pregnancy! I miss having her in Los Angeles tremendously. North Carolina you are lucky to have her!"

-    Amy Claire, actress and comedienne

My years with Holly Bullard as my teacher were so amazing. I'm not an easy client. I'm in my late 60s, I'm an old bag who needs special attention. Holly always gave me The best workouts that suited my challenges. She always knew when to push and went to let me go at my own pace. She's a savant at yoga and Pilates. Her spirit is wonderfully supportive. Her technique is beyond fabulous.

I've worked with other teachers but no one compares to Holly. We miss her dearly here in Los Angeles. If you people in the east don't appreciate her, Please send her back as soon as possible!


-Dorian Hannaway, best selling author, “Unsinkable, Biography of Debbie Reynalds and former head of late night TV at CBS

I originally began pilates in 2009, and was fortunate to have a great teacher.  However, I didn’t know just how lucky I was until she moved back to her native country. Because after she left, I jumped from one pilates teacher to another, not satisfied with anyone I saw. Then, I found Holly!  She was not only very knowledgeable about pilates and health in general, she was extremely attentive, which is so important to get the most out of your workout, and of course, to avoid injury.  I’m not an exercise person and rarely stick to a regular exercise routine for more than a couple months, but I kept up with pilates for over 4 years (even during most of my pregnancy), thanks to Holly!  And then she moved.  It’s been over 8 months now, and I still haven’t found another pilates teacher I like as much as her!

- Crystal Cohen, wife of Hollywood writer Andrew Cohen (Neighbors)



Holly Bullard is a fantastic yoga and Pilates teacher with whom I had the pleasure of studying for many years. She introduced me to the joy of a full yoga practice coupled with proper exercise and diet, and it definitely had a positive affect on my life and my work. Holly is capable of making yoga fun while also exposing her students to the history, meaning and philosophy behind this venerable practice. I can't recommend Holly enough, especially to someone who wants to get more out of their practice than simple exercise alone.

-John Semper Jr
Animation Producer/Writer ("Spider-Man: The Animated Series")
Comic Book Writer ("Cyborg" for DC Comics)

"Going through physical therapy after an accident can be an emotionally devastating experience. As my pilates and yoga instructor, Holly went beyond the call, and mentored me in activities such as how to move on a daily basis without pain. Her instruction helped me balance the imbalances in my body. Holly's extraordinary ballet background also proved to be a great springboard into more strenuous classes and physical activity."

-Glenn Nunes,
 Attorney in Los Angeles



Hands down, Holly Bullard has been the BEST yoga and Pilates instructor I've ever had!   Through her patient and deliberate instruction, she helped me manage and relieve my chronic arthritic upper and lower back pain through various yoga positions and stretches.  She also worked on my abdominal core strength training as well as my conditional training of my arms and legs.  I would highly recommend Holly to any prospective client who wants feel and look better. 


Dan D.
Los Angeles, CA

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